Case unveils new graders with improved serviceability

A new lineup of three motor graders from Case makes service checks easy. The design features a locking flip-up rear hood and flip-down side panels to give quick ground-level access to fuel ports, filters and service panels. From the cab, the steep slope of the hood and 85 square feet of floor-to-ceiling glass enhance visibility.

Case’s 845, 865 and 885 motor graders range from 140 to 205 horsepower and weigh from 29,777 to 37,950 pounds. The graders articulate 25 degrees left or right and the front wheels lean 17.5 degrees left or right to help hold the machine straight on slopes and counter thrust from the cutting edge. Moldboards come in 12-, 13- and 14-foot widths and the five-position saddle can be hydraulically unlocked and the moldboard tilted up to 90 degrees. A single drive-gear motor turns the circle up to 360 degrees and is mounted outside the circle reducing the stress on the teeth and preventing debris from spilling onto the motor or gear teeth.

Operator controlled differential locks on the rear axle planetary offer limited slip for muddy conditions underfoot. The powershift transmission provides eight forward speeds (2.39 mph to 26.7 mph) and four reverse speeds (2.4 mph to 19 mph). An inching pedal gives operators precise control for finish grading.

The new Case graders come with turbocharged, six-cylinder Cummins engines and the Case 865 DHP has added horsepower in high gears for more power and speed on long haul work.