Roller designed with Superpave in mind

The demanding requirements of Superpave paving applications, including higher vibration frequencies and increased centrifugal force, were the focus of the design of the C784 tandem drum vibratory roller from Hypac.

With its 84-inch drum width, the C784 offers 4,000 and 3,400 vibrations per minute and working speeds up to 4.5 mph while maintaining 10 impacts per foot. A 205-horsepower Cummins diesel engine powers the unit, which generates 34,655 pounds of centrifugal force in low amplitude and 41,235 pounds in high amplitude. The C784 weighs 26,500 pounds and its 54-inch diameter drums minimize shoving.

Joystick controls, one for steering and one for travel control, reduce operator strain. Buttons at the top of the joysticks control vibration and water spray. A redesigned operator compartment improves visibility. To maintain contact on irregular slopes the C784’s center joint gives you +/- 12 degrees of oscillation and +/- 28 degrees of articulation.

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Tom Jackson