Quick connect makes fast work of switching molds

Switching from one concrete mold to another – something that used to take 30 minutes or more – can be done in just minutes with Power Curber’s hydraulic Quick Connect Mold Mount System. This attachment, which fits the company’s 5700-B curb-and-gutter and barrier/parapet machine and the 8700 multi-purpose machine, allows the operator to pick up, align and fasten the mold from the operator’s platform, eliminating the need for a second crew member on the ground to help with alignment. The device will grab all new and modified Power Curber curb and gutter and barrier molds. With turn buckles added for stability, it will also grab sidewalk molds. The Quick Connect weighs 900 pounds, completely aligns the mold, adds no width to the machine and runs off the auxiliary circuit.

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Tom Jackson