Cutter head adapts to fit a variety of boring machines

Manufactured from high strength steel, American Augers‘ durable Auger Boring Disc Cutter Head maximizes performance in various geological formations and withstands the severe loading of mixed face conditions. Available in 24- to 60-inch sizes, the retractable head allows the operator to accomplish cutter change and service outside of the heading. To achieve longer cutter life and enhance stability, the cutter head mounts to the casing. Retraction from the face occurs without moving the product casing due to the head’s large diameter. Cutter heads 36 inches and greater are equipped with power assisted steering jacks so steering corrections can easily be made. The 24-inch heads have mechanically actuated jacks for similar steering results. The Hex Adapter fits any size or brand of auger boring machine with 3-, 4- and 5-inch Hex.