Donaldson wins supplier award

Donaldson Company, a manufacturer of filter systems and replacement parts, has received an award for outstanding 2005 performance from NACCO Materials Handling Group, a manufacturer of lift trucks and associated products. This is Donaldson’s second consecutive year to receive the award.

Donaldson is one of 12 suppliers that received the excellence award this year. Annually, NACCO issues performance expectations to its approximately 125 primary suppliers located in the Americas. Each supplier’s progress in meeting these expectations is tracked using a performance scorecard. An annual award is given to the top 10 to 12 suppliers recognizing their excellence in areas such as quality, delivery and cost performance.

“Donaldson is pleased to have been selected to receive this award by NACCO for two consecutive years,” said Nels Johnson, general manager, OEM engine sales, Donaldson Company. “It demonstrates our on-going commitment to our suppliers and recognizes our team for meeting specific targets.”