Chevron to continue selling pre-2007 engine motor oil

Chevron has announced it will continue offering its CI-4 specification motor oils in addition to CJ-4 Plus products for 2007 on-road engines, which will require low-sulfur fuel.

“Although backwards compatible, CJ-4 will likely be more expensive than CI-4 Plus and is not required for the off-road market or pre-2007 engines,” said Nicole Fujishige, commercial marketing manager, North America, for Chevron Products. “Based on fleet composition, the majority of Chevron’s customers will have a greater need for CI-4 Plus, so we’ll keep that product on the market until conditions change.”

Chevron expects the Delo CJ-4 product, Delo 400 LE Multigrade SAE 15W-40, and the Ursa CJ-4 product, Texaco Ursa LA SAE 15W-40, to hit shelves Oct. 26.