Transverse engines on loader duo up tipping load

Ingersoll-Rand has introduced two new compact wheel loaders with hydrostatic drive and parallel-lift arm design. The 60-horsepower WL-350 carries a 1.2-cubic-yard bucket and weighs 11,240 pounds. The 73-horsepower WL-440 tips the scales at 13,230 pounds and wields a 1.4-cubic-yard bucket. Breakout forces are 10,128 pounds for the smaller loader and 12,730 pounds for the larger. Parallel-lift linkages deliver high breakout forces and keep the load level from the ground to the top of the lift, allowing you to handle pallets and efficiently pick and place materials. Two speed ranges, 0 to 4 mph and 0 to 13 mph, cover your working and travel/roading needs. Limited-slip differential axles give you good traction on a variety of surfaces. Transverse-mounted engines and rear-mounted hydraulic pumps help balance the machine and provide a high static tipping load.