Design protects dozer from landfill environment

Trash and recycling operations are hard on dozers, and Deere has fielded a completely new 850J Waste Handler Crawler designed to survive and thrive in these harsh conditions. This all-hydrostatic, 24-ton crawler runs on a 185-horsepower engine guided by pilot hydraulic controls and a thumb-operated blade angle for low-effort, all-day operation. Engine speed is controlled by a rotary dial with infinite control from high to low idle, and the decelerator pedal combines decelerator and brake functions. Hinged and perforated engine shields move air efficiently without letting airborne debris enter. The hydraulically driven cooling fan varies speed according to load and automatically reverses to clean debris away from the cooling system side shields. Minimal openings and a smooth underbelly on the mainframe prevent the accumulation of trash and the shape of the final drive housing helps prevent wire and other materials from tangling. Heavy-duty tank guards protect against punctures and optional front and rear striker guards shed material from the tracks.