Boom-mounted compactors fit on excavators from 2 to 40 tons

The new Rammax RAV series boom-mounted compactors from Multiquip are designed for work on slopes and hillsides, structure backfill, pipeline construction and in confined spaces. For excavators in the 7- to 20-ton class, the RAV-700P generates 18,450 pounds of centrifugal force and weighs 1,543 pounds. For larger jobs the 2,205-pound RAV-1000P cranks out 24,750 pounds of impact force and is suited for machines in the 18- to 40-ton class. For compact excavators from 2 to 15 tons the RAV-400P produces 11,700 pounds and weighs 882 pounds. A hydraulic quick-change mount allows the operator to switch these attachments in seconds without leaving the cab.