Siberian-tested Arctic Bear puts out 850,000 BTU per hour

The new Arctic Bear is Ground Heater’s first heavy-duty, indirect-fired non-hydronic heater. It is designed to deliver clean, dry heat in the most extreme cold-weather conditions for general construction, mining, utility and pipeline construction applications.

The Arctic Bear was tested in Alaska and Siberia for more than 900,000 hours in severe cold conditions without any firebox, heat exchanger or generator failures.

Arctic Bear HD heaters can output 5,000 to 850,000 BTU per hour, to a maximum temperature rise of 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is powered by a 240-volt, AC, three-phase generator driven by a Kubota D1105 diesel engine. The engine block is mated to a specially built, 20-gallon oil sump with two oil filters that allow it to run 3,000 hours between oil changes. The Arctic Bear’s 256-gallon fuel tank allows continuous operation up to 64 hours.

Also new from Ground Heaters: E2200 ground heater and HX-Series heat exchangers.