One-piece, unitized trailer design yields maximum strength, minimum weight

At only 9,900 pounds, the new Ultra-Lite Series from Trail King Industries uses Domex/Docal high-strength steel components in a re-engineered structure in lengths of 36 to 43 feet. The on-highway trailers can take payloads from 22 to 26 cubic yards and feature an oscillating fifth wheel plate with a spherical, chrome-bushed design that reduces wear. Lightweight cross braces are tied together to minimize flexing and twisting. A large air reservoir with air system oiler gives longer operating time and better control. A 12-foot gate and a 5-foot-by-8-foot-by-10-inch hopper opening and near-vertical hopper walls ensure complete dumping of payload. The one-piece unitized design includes an upper hopper built to withstand 175,000 psi and a frame structure built to handle 100,000 psi.