Photo contest to feature America’s crumbling infrastructure

Have you worked on a jobsite where the roads are laden with potholes or clogged with traffic? If so, the American Society of Civil Engineers wants pictures from you.

ASCE is sponsoring a photo contest for images that illustrate the United State’s overburdened and aging infrastructure. Photos should depict the condition of current infrastructure in categories including roads, bridges, transit, aviation, schools, drinking water, wastewater, dams, solid waste, navigable waterways, hazardous waste, energy, rail, security, parks and recreation. ASCE will award $100 for the best photograph in each category. The organization will pick one image out of the all the entries for the overall grand prize of $1,000.

The winning images will appear on a special series of 15 “Postcards from the Edge,” which ASCE will send to national and municipal leaders across the country to alert them about infrastructure needs. This is the first year such a photo contest has been held. Beth Margulies, spokeswoman for ASCE, said the photos will also be used to publicize ASCE’s “2005 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.”

“Every two years ASCE publishes its report card, which gives grades to what kind of condition the infrastructure is in, if it is meeting the public’s needs and what improvements need to be made,” Margulies said. “The images selected for each category will also likely be used to illustrate the categories in the report card.”

ASCE’s Report Card will be released March 9.

The photo contest is open to anyone 18 years old or older, as long as the entrants took the photos themselves. Only digital images will be accepted, and they must be in JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution. The deadline for the contest is Oct. 31, and the winning photos will be announced by Dec. 1. To find out more about the contest, click on the link to the right.