Saw blade application codes refined

The Masonry and Concrete Saw Manufacturers Institute recently refined its blade application code to include additional data on the material different blades can cut.

SMI introduced its original blade code in 2002 to help contractors easily differentiate between blade capabilities and applications. The organization developed the codes at the request of the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association.

The refined codes are based on three design factors: whether the saw blade is for wet or dry use, the general type of material the blade is intended to cut, and the types of saws the blades can be used with. Codes on the side of 12-inch or larger blades indicate six general material applications including cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt, asphalt over concrete, block, brick or masonry refractories, tile, ceramic or stone. A code that denotes saw types includes flat saws, wall saws, handheld saws, stationary saws, masonry or tile saws.

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