Standard for diamond saw blades introduced

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association recently introduced a standard application code for diamond saw blades.

The standard is meant to help users identify the intended use of each blade. Markings will be permanently imprinted on saw blades that are 12 inches in diameter or larger.

“The development of this code is just one more example of CSDA ensuring the needs of its contractor and manufacturer members,” said Ted Johnston, president of CSDA.

The code format will consist of letters placed in three positions and spaced by dashes. The first position will either have a W, standing for wet use only, or a D, which indicates that the blade can be used in wet or dry applications. The second position specifies the media type. Codes include C for cured concrete, G for green concrete, A for asphalt, P for asphalt over concrete, B for brick, block or masonry, and T for tile, ceramic or stone. The third code specifies the saw type to be used. F stands for flat saw, W for wall saw, H for hand-held saw, S for stationary saw, and M for masonry or tile saw.

If a blade has multiple applications, several categories will be listed. For example, if a blade can cut green concrete, asphalt, brick, block and masonries and is intended to be used on a flat saw, it would have the code W-GAB-F.

The blade application code is available on the CSDA website under the “Standards and Specs” section. To go to the website, click on the link to the right.