A pickup truck from International?

International Truck and Engine’s 7000 Series pickup truck began life as a promotional concept
vehicle, designed purely for fun. But to the company’s surprise, customer interest was immediate and intense. Before they knew what had happened, International had sold 10 trucks to contractors and outfitters working in extremely rugged and remote locations. The 7000 Series pickup is a conventional 7300 Series frame and crew cab, mated with a pickup bed drawn from a Ford F-350. Like any 7300, the pickup features an air-suspension cab, 50-degree wheel cuts for a tight turn radius, a standard 215-horsepower International DT 466 diesel engine and an Allison five-speed automatic transmission (a manual transmission is also available). The crew cab has been modified to 96-inches deep in order to comfortably seat six men. The 7000 Series pickup will be built on a perorder basis only, and will retail for approximately $80,000.

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