New loader series features simplified solid-state electrical system

Few things flummox operators and mechanics more than mysterious failures in machine electrical systems, which is one of the reasons why Deere has introduced a solid state electrical distribution system for its four new J-Series wheel loaders. The solid state wiring replaces fuses, relays and interconnects with a circuit board, solid-state switches and a vehicle electrical center, eliminating the need for multiple wiring harnesses and connectors. A new backlit switch module aids visibility at night or in low light conditions and a new standard monitor simplifies electrical diagnostics. The four loaders in the series – 444J, 544J, 624J and 644J – also arrange the system coolers side by side within a box for easier cleaning and access, and feature hydraulically driven, proportionally controlled fans. The loaders are rated from 110 to 180 horsepower and the engines’ new torque curves boost power bulge and torque rise for low-speed productivity.

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