Grader engines put the power where you need it

New electronically controlled engines are giving Caterpillar’s 120H, 135H and 12H motor graders higher productivity and lower operating costs. What the company calls Variable Horsepower and Variable Horsepower Plus adjusts power output according to the gear selected. The VHP and VHP Plus back off the power in limited traction conditions and increase it in higher gears for more efficient tractive effort and fuel efficiency. On the 120H and 135H the VHP puts additional power into gears four through eight. The 12H can be equipped with VHP or VHP Plus, which in seventh and eighth gears delivers 11 percent more power than VHP. The engines’ 50 percent torque rise responds to operator demand quickly. Rimpull is 11 percent higher for the 120H and 135H and 14 percent better for the 12H.

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