Excavator boasts more power, less swing radius fore and aft

The new 321C LCR excavator from Caterpillar offers 7 percent more power than its “B” series predecessor and a tight tail swing radius of just 5 feet 6 inches. The boom has been positioned further back on the front frame, which reduces front swing radius when the boom is up. Powered by a 138-horsepower engine, the 321C LCR weighs 52,911 pounds, digs to a depth of 21 feet 9 inches and offers a drawbar pull of 44,063 pounds. Maximum reach at ground level is 31 feet 9 inches and the maximum loading height measures 26 feet 2 inches. The excavator’s open-center, two-pump hydraulic system boosts flow about 10 percent and a hydraulic cross-sensing system increases productivity through faster implement speeds and quicker pivot turns. Optional fine swing control cushions the swing at the start and stop points. Hydraulic cylinder snubbers on the boom and stick reduce shock and increase cylinder life.