Komatsu debuts its biggest yet skid-steer loader

Weighing in at 7,525 pounds the new Komatsu SK1020-5 skid-steer loader comes standard with a two-speed transmission. The hydraulic system allows the operator to work at full power without worrying about stalling out and use attachments while maneuvering without any sacrifice in speed or performance. The auxiliary hydraulic circuit pumps out 21 gpm and an additional super-flow auxiliary circuit pushes up to 34 gpm, both at 3,045 psi. The SK1020-5 boasts an operating load of 2,000 pounds and a tipping load of 4,000 pounds (or 2,220 pounds and 4,400 pounds respectively) with optional counterweights. Breakout force ranges from 4,279 pounds with a long-lip bucket to 5,038 pounds with a short-lip design. The shift-on-the-go transmission scoots the loader around at working speed of 6.5 mph and a travel speed of 10 mph.