Asphalt superintendent admits bribing D.C. officials

Antonio Bras, a former superintendent for a Washington D.C. area construction company, pleaded guilty Monday to bribing highway inspectors to lie about how much asphalt his company was delivering to city jobsites.

The construction company, Fort Myer Construction, was fined $900,000 in April in connection with the scheme. The company is also suspended from competing in any city contracts until 2006.

Bras admitted that he and other Fort Myer employees paid D.C. engineers and inspectors approximately $100 to $200 each in exchange for falsifying job tickets and lying about how much asphalt was being delivered to different city jobsites in the district. He is expected to face five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for his role in the scandal. Bras will be sentenced April 27.

The presidents of two other construction companies, Granja Inc. and C & F Construction, and nine officials affiliated with the D.C. Department of Public Works have already pleaded guilty.

Fort Myer is the largest road paving company in the District of Columbia.