$18 billion in Iraq contracts to be awarded by February

Approximately $18.7 billion in recently appropriated Iraq rebuilding funds will be awarded through full and open competition by Feb. 1.

Although full competition in awarding bids can take up to six months, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Defense Department want to use an “accelerated” process to award bids over the next 10 weeks.

Of 24 contracts that will be handed out, 17 will be for the construction sector, with five worth $5 billion for repair work on Iraq’s electrical grid. Five other contracts worth $4 billion will be awarded for constructing public works and water projects, and two contracts worth $1 billion will be given for building police stations and prisons. One $1 billion contract will be awarded for the construction of health facilities, and two others worth $1 billion combined will be for work on the transportation and communications systems.

Six other contracts awarded will not be specifically for construction projects, but for project and support management.