Peterbilt meets variety of vocational needs

Peterbilt Motors custom manufactures trucks and tractors to meet a variety of vocational applications, including heavy haul, mixer, dump, concrete pumper and field service. The Peterbilt Model 337, one of the company’s leading vocational trucks, is available in three hood lengths and two front-axle positions to best meet operating requirements for weight transfer, state and federal bridge laws and maneuverability. It comes standard with a 20,000-pound front axle and 49,000-pound rear axle, but numerous axle options are available up to 23,000-pound fronts and 65,000-pound rears. The model comes in four-by-two, four-by-four, six-by-six and six-by-four configurations and can be equipped with factory-installed liftable pusher and tag axles and a wide range of weight-saving options to help maximize payloads.