Postcard campaign urges legislators to reauthorize TEA-21

Legislators and officials on Capitol Hill and in the White House can expect to receive 1 million bright orange postcards in the next few months.

The Transportation Construction Coalition recently launched a postcard campaign that urges Congress to approve a reauthorization of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. The cards have orange men/women working road signs and the word “NOT” stamped across them. The cards also describe the economic benefits of enacting a strong, six-year transportation bill.

The campaign is TCC’s reaction to the five-month extension Congress approved to keep the previous TEA-21 program operating after it expired Sept. 30. Legislators must agree on a more permanent reauthorization by the end of February.

“If Congress and the administration are looking to create jobs, they need a six-year transportation bill,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, chief executive of the Associated General Contractors.

Construction workers will be sending out the orange postcards, and the postcards will also be inserted into the Nov. 6 issue of The Hill and will be an advertisement in an upcoming issue of Roll Call.