Compactor delivers higher density on thicker lifts with fewer passes

For contractors working with thick lift applications such as new road bases, dams and embankments, Ingersoll-Rand has unveiled a new 16-ton compactor with an 84-inch rolling width – the SD-160 TF. The compactors are offered in smooth (SD-160DX) or padfoot (SD-160F) configurations. The SD-160DX puts down 76,300 pounds of centrifugal force and amplitudes of 0.078 inches while the SD-160F offers 76,200 pounds and an amplitude of 0.087 inches. Frequency can be varied on both machines from 1,225 to 2,025 vibrations per minute. The high centrifugal force and amplitude, variable frequency and heavy drum allow you to get higher densities on thicker lifts with fewer passes.