New dozers match brawn with finesse

Komatsu has fielded two new mid-range crawler dozers, the D65 and D85 with hydrostatic steering for more nimble handling and increased productivity. An independent hydraulic pump transmits power to both tracks for smooth, continuous turns and counter-rotation under some conditions. Tighter turns are made possible while keeping more material on the blade thanks to the large capacity of the steering pump and motor. The blade control joystick uses a proportional-pressure control valve for fine control. New pressurized cabs give operators a dust-free working environment and have more room and visibility, while new cab mounts reduce vibration and noise. The D65 offers a 190-horsepower engine and weighs 42,520 to 45,080 pounds. The D85 gets its push from a 240-horsepower engine and weighs 60,740 to 61,735 pounds. Both are available in standard configuration (EX-15) or low-ground-pressure versions (PX-15) and the D65 can be ordered as a wide-track machine (WX-15).