Slow-speed, high-torque grinder takes on the toughest material

Designed to chew up difficult materials like railroad ties, the Morbark Predator couples slow speed with high torque to take on jobs too tough for high-speed grinding. The shredder develops 950,000 inch-pounds of torque to each rotor through two transmissions with 99-to-1 reduction ratios. A 64-inch-by-76-inch shredder opening feeds material up to 15 inches in diameter into counter meshing rotors with hooked star shredders mounted to the rotor in a spiral pattern. Each hooked star has a double-edged tooth staggered across the star for complete coverage and a total tip diameter of 33 inches. The 48-inch-wide continuous discharge conveyor belt has a height of 138 inches and a cross belt magnet to remove ferrous material.