Icon introduces two new scrapers

Icon Industries has introduced the E Series 18- and 20-yard scrapers. Designed for 12-foot-wide transport, the scrapers are perfectly matched with the new 500-horsepower tracked or wheeled tractors. E Series scrapers may be pulled in tandem simply by adding an optional package to the lead machine. The quick hitch allows dismount from the rear, front or both machines in minutes. A mechanical gauge at the upper rear of the machine alerts you as to the height and depth of the cutting bit. The HD swivel hitch has a 2-pound grease reserve and may be rolled 180 degrees to adjust a slight angle change up or down on the cutting bit.

The 18 E has a 10-foot-2-inch cut with a 48-inch center stinger bit. The 20E has an 11-foot-2-inch cut with a 60-inch center stinger bit. Both machines have transport widths of less than 12 feet.