Ski resort constructs toad condos

At a ski resort in Breckenridge, Colo., a $400 million expansion project has included condo construction for some unlikely locals. Breckenridge Ski Resort recently began constructing “toad condos” for the endangered boreal toads that inhabit the land where resort construction is taking place.

The toad homes, called “artificial hibernacula,” are basically man-made habitats that include tiny pipe-like doors for the 2- to-5-inch creatures.

“The design is basically a bunch of wood and debris piled up and creates little holes and cavities for them to crawl into,” environmental consultant Ron Beane told the Associated Press.

The resort paid $5 million for 13 acres in the Cucumber Gulch area, the toads’ natural habitat. The toad condos will cost approximately $3,000 to construct.

“Employee housing is a part of what we do, and these boys are a big part of the gulch,” resort COO Roger McCarthy told the Associated Press.