Open-bowl machine features 16-inch-diameter front pipe

Now in its 50th year of manufacturing, Ashland Industries is promoting its I-180TS open-bowl unit. The machine features a 16-inch-diameter front pipe, large trailing arms, heavy-duty push-off system and wrap-around corner blades. The 126-inch width of cut works with today’s high-horsepower tracked or wheeled tractors. The 56-inch front-apron-to-blade clearance and the 22-inch blade-to-ground clearance make getting rid of sticky clay, striped sod or muck an easy task.

The I-180TS’ pair of 29.5 x 25 E3L3 28-ply tires work well in marginal conditions because of their long rolling radius, as compared to smaller tires that often roll up and begin to push and slide material, causing you to get stuck.