Super rugged laptop shrugs off dust, vibration even in harsh environments

When it comes to laptops, most models are best left inside. But Panasonic’s new ruggedized Toughbook CF-18 XP TabletPC Edition computer, built to military specs for ruggedness and dust resistance, proves the exception. And it comes with features that make it ideal for contractors in the field. The CF-18 can be used like a laptop computer or as a pen-tablet computer. The latter allows you to handwrite notes and drawings directly on the screen and use a pen to point and click as you would with a mouse. The 10.4-inch screen on the CF-18 tilts and swivels (as shown) to make it easier to see or write on no matter how cramped the quarters, bright the sunlight or difficult the operating environment. The computer weighs just 4.4 pounds and runs up to 7.5 hours on a lithium-ion battery. Estimated sales price is around $3,200.