Castrol meets Caterpillar ECF-1 specification

Castrol announced June 1 that three of its diesel engine oils — Castrol Enduron, Castrol Tection Extra and Castrol Tection S — had met Caterpillar’s requirements for use in new exhaust gas recirculation engines as well as new and older non-EGR engines.

Caterpillar recently developed the ECF-1 test because many diesel engine oils are being reformulated with higher sulfated ash content to handle new EGR engines. The company is concerned about the ash content because it results in high piston deposit formation in non-EGR engines such as the ones Caterpillar produces.

“Our formulary approach for Castrol Enduron S and Castrol Tection Extra took into account the needs and sensitivities of Caterpillar engines,” said Jim Burke, marketing manager for Castrol.

The Caterpillar specification, which went into effect in June, requires all ECF-1-compliant oils be below 1.50 percent in sulfated ash content, with the ideal being below 1.30 percent. While oils with less than or equal to 1.30 percent ash must pass one Caterpillar 1P test, oils between 1.30 percent and 1.50 percent ash must pass two tests.

Both Castrol Enduron S and Castrol Tection Extra exceed current specifications, including API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, SL, Cummins CES 20078, 20076 and Mack EO-N Premium Plus.

“Our formulations take advantage of high total base numbers for engines that need TBN reserve, but also low sulfated ash levels of 1.1 and 1.2 percent for piston deposit protection in Caterpillar engines.”