New double-drum roller keeps up with faster pavers

Designed to keep pace with today’s high-speed pavers, the new DD-125HF compactor from Ingersoll-Rand has eight amplitude adjustments for maximum versatility. To match travel direction, automatic reversing eccentrics lift the vibrating drums up and over uncompacted material to reduce rolling resistance and minimize the bow wave in front of each drum. Chamfered, radiused drum edges prevent seam imprinting and maintain a smooth surface. A patented impact meter shows you the relationship between the compactor’s vibration frequency and rolling speed, allowing you to select the optimal impact space for a given rolling speed. The DD-125HF weighs 28,043 pounds and has a maximum centrifugal force of 35,190 pounds, a vibration frequency of 3,200 vpm and a maximum nominal amplitude of 0.025 inches. The drums are 84 inches wide and 54 inches in diameter. A 148-horsepower Cummins diesel engine propels the roller at a top travel speed of up to 8 mph.