Vermeer RT200 breaks new ground in hydrostatic pedestrian trenchers

The RT200, one of Vermeer Manufacturing’s walk-behind trenchers, is designed for a variety of applications, including landscaping, plumbing and irrigation work. The fully hydrostatic model comes standard with a 23-horsepower Kohler engine and can trench depths down to 48 inches deep with widths of 4 to 8 inches. The chain-and-boom style trencher can be configured with several cutter chain options, including the Vermeer Shark Tooth, tiger cutters, cup cutters, rotary bits or combination chains.

The unit’s hydrostatic ground drive has twin wheel motors that eliminate the need for a gearbox or locking differentials to maintain its maneuverability. Unlike mechanically-driven trenchers, the RT200’s digging chain is reversible, allowing you to back out from obstructions.

Vermeer has redesigned the greaseless headshaft and trencher pivot. All bearings are sealed and the pivot uses a fiber bushing. A rugged outboard bearing support lengthens the life of the headshaft, bearings frame and auger. At 3.5 inches wide, the RT200 allows operators access to many hard-to-negotiate areas such as backyards or around obstructions. A tow valve allows you to move the machine.