XTN radios broadcast farther, clearer

Designed for rugged, industrial use, Motorola’s new XTN series two-way radios allow you to communicate at greater distances with more clarity and ease. One-watt models provide a range of five miles, 200,000 square feet or 10 floors. Two-watt models reach up to six miles, 250,000 square feet or up to 20 floors. A new chip and acoustic cabinet deliver clearer audio at higher volumes, and the call tone function alerts you to incoming transmissions in high-noise areas. Rechargeable batteries last up to 15 hours. Designed for split-second cloning with quick set up to all channel and code settings, the XTN radios give you the ability to quickly add radios or move the fleet to a new location. Available with VHF or UHF frequencies, the XTN radios feature additional private line codes to prevent interference. A scan feature allows managers to monitor several channels simultaneously and keep tabs on different groups or jobsites.