Big yet nimble, Deere’s new dozer lets you pay attention to blade work

With its hydrostatic drivetrain and power management system John Deere’s new 950C crawler dozer gives you maximum finesse and control with optimum engine efficiency. Once you set the desired speed the engine and drivetrain respond automatically to load changes. Deere’s Auto-Trac system keeps the dozer on a straight path without the operator having to constantly make minor course corrections. And with infinite speed control and full power turns and counterrotation, you can scoot around the jobsite with speed and precision.

Powered by a Liebherr D 926 TI intercooled turbocharged engine, this 26-metric-ton dozer puts out 230 net horsepower and 764 foot-pounds of torque. Ground speeds range from 0 to 6.8 miles per hour. Operating weight ranges from 50,600 to 55,800 pounds.

Deere’s oval-shaped DuraTrax undercarriage design has only one wear point on the forward travel and eliminates track whipping and chain bunching. Undercarriage life is extended with the use of hardened, lifetime-lubricated cast steel carrier rollers and segmented sprockets with deep hardened wear surfaces and a tooth profile that helps extend sprocket and bushing life. An oscillating track frame improves gradeability and comfort by way of a cushioned pivot shaft that absorbs shock loads. The track length on the ground is 117 inches for the standard 950C or 129 inches for the long track and low-ground-pressure models.