Vibratory rollers designed for performance, simplicity and economy

Hypac’s two new single-drum vibrator rollers, the C840C smooth drum and C842C pad- foot version, are powered by 144-horsepower Perkins engines and offer fully hydrostatic travel and vibration drives. Both feature dual amplitudes and operating frequencies of 2,160 and 1,800 vibrations per minute. Maximum working speed for both is 8.4 mph and the C840C generates a maximum of 53,100 pounds of centrifugal force while the C842C produces 61,875 pounds. For full drum contact on irregular terrain the C840C features a bolt-on oscillating and articulating center joint with plus or minus 12 degrees of oscillation. A 35-degree steering angle enables you to maneuver well on small or tight jobsites. Reverse-mounted engines provide access to all major hydraulic components and drum vibration isolators can be field replaced without the need for special tools or removal of the drum.