Dual Dozer by HitchDoc

The innovative Dual Dozer, manufactured by HitchDoc, was designed to provide the contractor with superior accuracy and machine adaptability. A patented mount allows the blade to operate independent of the skid steer and holds a grade by receiving a laser signal simultaneously into each laser receiver sensor. The laser controlled grading box is constantly and automatically adjusting on both right and left edges by two hydraulic cylinders, which maintain a precise grade level with a sub-grade accuracy within one eighth of an inch. The Dual Dozer attaches to a tractor 3 point hitch and to most major brand skid steer models. The Dual Dozer is equipped with two blades, which allows forward and reverse grading. For more information, please contact us at 800-446-8222, or see our Web site at https://www.hitchdoc.com/ or http://www.dualdozer.com/