Genie’s new XC aerial platforms add capacity, meet ANSI standards
Don McLoud | October 24, 2017

Genie displays, from left, its new S-85 XC, S-65 XC and Z-45 XC models October 17 at its production facility in Oklahoma City. Photo by Don McLoud

Genie has unleashed a slew of improvements to its aerial work platform models under the XC label.

The XC stands for “extra capacity,” and the company has added four telescopic boom models to the XC lineup – the S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80-XC and S-85 XC. It also introduces its first XC articulated boom model in North America, the Z-45 XC.

All five models now have a greater lift capacity, of 660 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted.

They are also designed to meet future American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for aerial work platforms – standards the company expects to be published within a year and transform the aerial work platform market.

“ANSI is in the final stages of being published,” said Adam Hailey, Genie director of product management, during a press event October 17 at the company’s production facility in Oklahoma City. “… We do expect that it’s very close now.” The manufacturers would have a year after publish date to comply.

The standards will lead aerial platforms to address such issues as chassis tilt angle and platform capacity. And Genie says its new XC lineup meets those ANSI standards, as well as standards across the globe, giving the company a competitive advantage.

The added platform weight capacity is also something the company saw greater demand for, especially with the future ANSI standards. The standards take the onus from the operator, and put it on the machine manufacturer to incorporate a load-sense system to automatically halt the machine when it exceeds rated capacity. Hailey said many jobsites are already exceeding the industry norm of 500-pound platform capacity.

“We have plenty of examples of working conditions where 500-pound capacity just isn’t going to cut it,” Hailey said.

Along with adding weight capacity, the XC telescopic boom models allow up to three workers on the platform and still have room for tools and materials, the company says. The devices have optional 6-foot dual-entry or 8-foot tri-entry platforms with side swing gate.

Genie began the XC lineup with the SX-135 XC, which it unveiled at this year’s ConExpo. The goal is to bring the XC concept to a whole family of aerial platforms, hence the addition of the four telescopic and articulated boom models.


Adam Hailey, Genie director of product management, demonstrates the company’s new Tech Pro Link handheld diagnostic device. Photo by Don McLoud

Advanced technology

Genie has added a variety of technological advances to the S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80-XC and S-85 XC.

Among them is automatic envelope control, which automatically retracts the boom when it reaches its operating envelope. Other advancements include a load sense cell that matches the operating envelope to the load. The machines also allow zero-load field calibrations.

A new chassis tilt sensor cuts off lift and drive functions when the tilt activation setting is reached.

Genie has also added its new Lift Power that has a dedicated hydraulic circuit. “This contemporary accessory allows our customers to drive and reposition the machine, raise the boom, and power tools, such as heavy-duty welders, simultaneously for increased productivity,” says Genie Product Manager Zach Gilmor. The generator is available in 3, 7 or 12 kilowatts.

An updated CAN-based control system on the telescopic XC models incorporates Genie SmartLink.

The mid-sized XC models can use Genie’s new Tech Pro Link device through the CAN-based control systems. The handheld diagnostic tool allows technicians to monitor the machine’s sensors for engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels, battery voltage; calibrate the machine; make speed adjustments during pre-operation inspection; and receive fault code information. It works independently of a laptop or desktop computer and can attach to the aerial platform’s service area with the magnet on its back. It also has USB ports, is Wi-Fi enabled and has a built-in flashlight.

The telescopic XC models run on a 74-horsepower, Tier 4 Final Deutz engine. Other features include ramped boom control system, which provides smooth boom functions and control; four-wheel drive and positive-traction drive; fixed-width axles for faster setup; active oscillating axle for better traction on rough terrain; and 360-degree continuous rotation turntable.


The Z-45 is Genie’s first XC model articulated boom aerial platform for the North American market. Photo by Don McLoud

Articulated boom for tough terrain

The Z-45XC articulated boom model includes many of the same advancements as the telescopic XC models, such as zero-load field calibration, a load sense cell and Genie Lift Power generator.

It has been designed to handle rough terrain and hills, with full-time, positive-drive traction and an oscillating axle system. The axle system provides up to 45 percent grade ability, keeping all four wheels on the ground, the company says.

The Z-45 comes standard with a 48-horsepower Deutz engine and can be driven at full height with a load of up to 660 pounds. It also has a tight turning radius and zero tail swing.

Its maximum working height is 51 feet, 6 inches. It has a horizontal outreach of 24 feet, 9 inches and an up-and-over clearance of 24 feet, 7 inches.


Quick XC Telescopic Specs

Model              Boom height     Outreach         Machine weight

S-60 XC             65’ 9”                      50’ 10”                 22,900 lbs.

S-65 XC              71’ 1”                       54’ 2”                   24,900 lbs.

S-80 XC              86’                          68’                        36,750 lbs.

S-85 XC               91’                          74’                        39,200 lbs.

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