4th Day of Construction Gifts: Qalo silicone wedding rings can save your finger

Updated Dec 19, 2016


Last year, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon suffered a hand injury that went viral and along the way made a lot more people aware of an injury called ring avulsion.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-34-21-pmIn Fallon’s case, the accident that led to his horrifying injury was fairly simple: he tripped in his kitchen. As he fell he tried to catch himself using a nearby countertop. That countertop caught his wedding ring and the force was enough to nearly rip his finger off. What followed was a 6-hour surgery and a 10-day stay in the ICU. And as Fallon explained, he’s lucky. Many times ring avulsions end up with the finger being amputated.

And he’s a talk show host. So just imagine how many times a day ring-wearing construction and trades workers, mechanics, firefighters and others put their fingers at risk.

Avoiding all of that is the purpose behind Qalo, a company that makes silicone wedding rings for athletes and those working in the trades and law enforcement. These rings are comfortable, light and have a stretchy composition to them that allow them to flex. And beyond being safer to wear on the job than a metal ring, Qalo rings come in a ton of styles, color and engraving options that let you personalize your ring. They even have glow in the dark rings.

In my experience, sizing through the website has been accurate. The rings typically run around $25 on the Qalo site, but can be had for cheaper on Amazon. For the holidays, Qalo is running a buy one, get one 50 percent off sale.