GEAR: Accutrax graphite blades turn any utility knife into a very accurate carpenter’s pencil

Updated Feb 18, 2014


You know those super-straight cuts you’re able to get with a utility knife? A lot of that is due to just how sharp a razor blade is. Nonetheless it got Prazi, the makers of the new Accutrax pencil blades, thinking.

Their theory is that a lot of the straightness of those cuts has to do with the shape and form factor of a utility knife. So they’ve replaced razor blades with blades made of graphite turning any utility knife into a carpenter’s pencil. Prazi says the blades never need sharpening and they can easily be swapped out with a regular razor blade when it’s time for cutting along the nice, straight line you’ve just drawn. The blades do wear out over time however, but that’s why Prazi sells them in sets of three for just $10. Click here to order them from Amazon. And let us know what you think!

Via: Gizmodo