Husqvarna updates K 760 power cutter with cooling fan, increased capacity

Updated Jun 17, 2013

Husqvarna K 760 Power cutter 2013Husqvarna has announced an update to its K 760 power cutter that boasts several improvements over the last generation.

The K 760 is equipped with a cooling fan, has an increased capacity and makes for a  reduction in emissions of 15 percent.

The cutter also features a new, lighter blade guard that gives increased balance and contributes to the lower weight. The blade guard can be adjusted and comes with a reversible blade.

Husqvarna says that the K 760 boasts one of the best vibration ratings on the market at <2.5m/s². The wet cutting kit with a progressive valve increases dust control. A new tank ventilation system ensures optimal air supply to the tank.

The K 760 still includes many of the great features that were on the previous K 760, such as the advanced carburetor and effective active air filtration.