Dozer drops from trailer while being hauled, flies head-on into traffic

Updated Apr 30, 2015

Bulldozer falls from trailer while being hauled

Since this insanity was captured via a dashcam, we have to assume it happened in Russia. And with that in mind, it feels weird to type what I’m about to type: I am in awe of how well the drivers in this video operated with unthinkable tons of yellow iron hurtling directly toward them.

See, typically these dashcam videos are the results of bad driving. But this one miraculously ends up OK because everyone kept their cool as a bulldozer came loose from its trailer while being hauled around a bend. I’ve watched it numerous times and I’m fairly certain no one but the dozer leaves their lane. Even more impressive, no one even stops to breathe or change their pants.

Check out the video below.