High-rise drops but won’t fall after 2 giant blasts to core in failed demolition

Updated Jan 7, 2015
Credit: ReutersCredit: Reuters

After officials deemed the construction process of a 16-story building in the Crimean city of Sevastopol to be “flawed earlier” this year, the building was ordered to be demolished.

But apparently, construction was at least good enough to withstand two massive explosive blasts to its core when it came time to bring it down.

In the videos below you can watch as a blast from the building’s middle sprays outward but only causes the building to shrink a bit as the floors above the blast simply drop one story like plates on a table after the cloth has been ripped from beneath them. The building then settled at a 20-degree angle.

According to a report from RT, it took three blasts and nearly 900 pounds of explosives to finally bring the building down December 27. RT reports that the head of the building’s construction told media outlets, “It’s reinforced concrete. It’s built like a bunker, you can’t blast through it with mortar. The building can withstand a 10-magnitude earthquake.”

Sounds like he didn’t necessarily agree with officials’ assessment of his crews work. Probably had a good chuckle at the whole thing. Don’t miss the videos below.