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Very stuck dump truck proves to be a challenging rescue for this excavator

Updated Dec 17, 2013

Stuck Volvo A30 rescued by excavatorWe have conflicting thoughts about this video. On one hand, we couldn’t help but root for the operator of the excavator. After all, according to the video’s description, he’s the one who got this Volvo A30 stuck in the first place and apparently no one on site was willing to give him a hand getting it out. But on the other hand, why not relieve some of the dumper’s load first? And we have to wonder if there wasn’t a bulldozer around to simply tow this thing out.

Regardless, by the end of the video when the A30 is worming itself out of a very deep hole, we felt a sense of relief. Great video and we loved the dual-angle view he set up. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. How would you have gone about rescuing this truck?

[youtube K39ciCGrTBg nolink]