Watch 220 years of Washington D.C. construction in 3 beautiful minutes

Updated Jul 23, 2013

D.C. construction videoEarlier this week, we showed you a video that compressed 165 years of Manhattan construction into one minute. But today we’ve got an even cooler video that packs 220 years of Washington D.C. construction into 3 minutes.

The video chronicles the construction of some of our nation’s most iconic and important buildings, beginning with the U.S. Capitol building in 1793 and ending with the Capitol Visitors Center in 2008. And on many of them it actually illustrates site prep, the frame going up, followed by exteriors.

It was put together by the Architect of the Capitol with no sound and you can find the original video at that link. However, the one we’ve shared below, we feel, is an improved version that simply adds the extremely appropriate opening theme from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” 

[youtube nAgWuP2a3R4 nolink]