SnowEx intros Automatixx snowplow attachment kit for tractors

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SnowEx Automatixx attachment kit with snowplow on tractor

SnowEx is now offering Automatixx kits for attaching its snowplows to tractors.

The attachment kit is the company’s response to increased demand for non-truck-mounted snowplows. Similar to the Automatixx designed for pickup trucks, the kit works with the company’s heavy-duty straight blades, V-plows or winged plows and can be used on a variety of manufacturers’ tractor models.

The power-assisted system is designed for quick, easy plow linkage from one side of the tractor through a removable push beam. The mount also does not have to be removed to reattach the tractor’s loader system, the company says.

SnowEx Automatixx attachment on john deere tractor