Atlas Copco intros 3 new HiLight electric LED light towers

Updated Jan 25, 2018
HiLight V3+HiLight V3+

At the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Atlas Copco has introduced three new electric LED light tower models.

The company says the HiLight P2+, V2+ and V3+ can be “powered directly from an auxiliary power source, a portable generator or the grid.”

The LED lamps inside of these three new models have a life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours.

V2+ and V3+


The HiLight V2+ and V3+ are housed on a four-wheel trailer for easy transportation. These models feature a steel frame, stainless steel mast and polyurethane bumpers.

The V2+ is a 320-watt light source and can cover 21,528 square feet. The V3+ has four 160-watt LED bulbs with directional glass optics capable of illuminating up to 32,292 square feet. Both models have vertical masts that extend up to 18 feet. These towers can withstand winds up to 51 miles per hour.




Weighing in at only 99 pounds, with a maximum operating height of 11 feet,  Atlas Copco says the HiLight P2+ features the same lighting optic as the larger V2+, and provides 360-degree coverage across 21,528 square feet. The light source is housed inside a weatherproof cylindrical polyethylene housing with built-in cooling.

Despite its small size, the P2+ can withstand winds up to 32 mph.