Thompson Pump RECON2000T allows remote pump control, monitoring from a smartphone

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Updated Dec 12, 2017

Thompson Pump Recon2000 T PanelThompson Pump’s new RECON2000T control panel allows users to remotely control and monitor a pump with a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The device can eliminate the need for onsite monitoring. It collects engine and pump data, which can be accessed from a password-protected website. It also allows the user to vary pump speed.

It has the same display as the pump’s dashboard, and it can alert your smartphone or other devices if a problem occurs. The company says it can work in remote locations through its use of cellular and satellite networks. It is also available with WiFi.

It is designed for such pumping applications as backing up lift stations and sewer bypasses.

The device features a large display and buttons, shutdown inputs and relays, an alarm to notify of engine off/on and failure, eight programmable relays and 76 selectable features such as pump rpm. The warning alarm event history stores up to 64 events, the company says.

It can maintain flow and head parameters with pre-set engine rpm, and it sends alerts automatically when oil and filters need changing.