Partial implosion fails at Detroit’s Silverdome

Updated Dec 6, 2017

Silverdome Implosion

It took demolition contractors a couple of tries, but they finally succeeded in bringing down the Pontiac Silverdome near Detroit.

The 42-year-old stadium which at one time served as the home for the NFL’s Detroit Lions and the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, withstood an attempt to implode its upper ring on Sunday, according to The charges were set to “break the metal beams that support the upper ring of the stadium and a 20-foot steel band that supported the equipment that was used to keep the roof inflated.”

However, as you can see in the first video below, the building didn’t budge. Apparently “a wire had been cut” and some of the charges did not detonate. A second attempt at the implosion, seen in the second video below, was a success.