Manitowoc designed new Grove GMK4090 all-terrain crane for tight jobsites

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Updated Nov 13, 2017
Manitowoc’s Grove GMK4090Manitowoc’s Grove GMK4090

Manitowoc says it emphasized road travel and maneuverability when designing its new Grove GMK4090 all-terrain crane.

The 100-ton-capacity crane can travel with a maximum 20.2-ton counterweight and transport up to 10 tons without the need for an additional transport truck, the company says.

The GMK4090 also was designed to maneuver tight jobsites. It is 8.37 feet wide and has a minimum tail swing of 11.58 feet, which is within the maximum outrigger width. An optional MAXbase variable outrigger setting gives the crane more setup flexibility on irregular terrain and more capacity.

The crane’s 167-foot, six-section Megaform boom uses a Twin-Lock pinning system. A bi-fold swing-away jib adds 49 feet of reach. Reach can be further extended with a 20-foot boom extension.

The crane also comes with Manitowoc’s Crane Control System operating interface, which is now standard on all the company’s new crane models.

Manitowoc says the GMK4090 has a best-in-class taxi load chart and is “ideal for a variety of jobs, such as general construction and plant maintenance work.”

The crane model will be sold globally and replaces the GMK4080-1/GMK4100B.